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Il y a 2 hours 45 min

Neustar announces that it has acquired Bombora Technologies Pty Ltd (Bombora), based in Australia, for AUD $118.5 million, or approximately USD $86.9 million. Bombora and its subsidiaries, which include ARI Registry Services, provide registry services...

Il y a 3 hours 16 min

Would you like to present an idea you have related to DNSSEC or DANE to a gathering of people within the DNSSEC community? Do you have an idea for a new tool or service? Have you recently implemented DNSSEC or DANE and want to share your story?


Il y a 4 hours 2 min

Today we at the Internet Society submitted our contribution to the United Nations General Assembly's 10-year review of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+10) that will take place in New York in December. The goal of this meeting is to set the agenda for the UN - and through that the agendas of nations around the world...

Il y a 2 days 3 hours

In 2013 I wrote a blog Telecoms as a spying tool, in which I mentioned that those who use the internet to spy indiscriminately will have to face the reality that such activities will only start a cat-and-mouse game — the technology will always be able to stay one step ahead of those who are using the...

Il y a 2 days 16 hours

Posted here on behalf of DotConnectAfrica Trust as rejoinder and reply to Andrew Mark's recent article.

The attention of DotConnectAfrica Trust has been drawn to a recent Blog article by Mr. Andrew Mark that was published in CircleID (see Out...

Il y a 2 days 17 hours

This is the second post in a series from Corey Grant, Senior Industry Consultant at ARI Registry Services, about how .brand TLDs can get started and make the most of their TLDs.

Today marks a major milestone for .brand Top-Level Domain applicants, as we pass the deadline set by ICANN for them to sign their Registry Agreement (RA).

For those who have knuckled down...

Il y a 2 days 18 hours

Today the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) to the OECD published the fifth edition of its newsletter at:


The ITAC was created in 2009 following the OECD's...

Il y a 3 days 47 min

Unlike consultant-led penetration testing, periodic or continual vulnerability scanning programs have to operate harmoniously with a corporation's perimeter defenses.

Firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, web proxies, dynamic malware analysis systems, and even content delivery networks, are deployed to protect against the continuous probes and exploit attempts of remote...

Il y a 3 days 1 hour

This year's Independent Show summer conference was held in Boston, a place where the accents are strong and you hear great quotes like:

"Hey Norm, how is the world treating you?"

"Like a baby treats a diaper. Now start pouring."

Boston is one of my favorite cities on the East Coast. Intercity transport is made easy by having both a subway and a...

Il y a 3 days 18 hours

I think it's fair to say that quite a few people — both within the domain name industry and beyond — have an opinion on whether the new TLD program is succeeding or struggling.

But are things really all that bad? Are we forecasting doom before it has really had a chance to run?

Crunching the numbers

Let's consider the (relatively...